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After PAX East and GDC there have been a ton of news flying around through the Internet, electrifying the blogosphere and twitting on Twitter. As a nice person with good intentions, I have accumulated all of the information in one place. It’s a condensed info-blast straight from the horse’s mouth into yours!

  • The new Batman game will really take place in Silver Age and will have the same gameplay as previous Rockstar ones. The world of computer gaming is not ready for this but you will take it. And you will like it.
  • Half Life 3 won’t end on a cliffhanger. That’s a promise.
  • Assassin’s Creed V won’t have a dual narrative. No more jumping into the future for exposition talks. A large number of players present at PAX were very angry about this news and threatened to pre-order the game only three months before its premiere.
  • The new Mass Effect will be taking place before all the races of the universe mixed their DNA with humans. Moreover, there will be no xenomorphs, no zombies and no Cthulhu. This time the ending will fit the rest of the narrative.
  • Activision hired professional level designers for single player campaign of Call of Duty.
  • Warcraft IV won’t have a corruption of an individual at the center of its themes and narrative. A first for Blizzard.
  • The indie developers have created SPLIT (Strategic Platformers Limitations Indie Talks) – a treaty to limit the number of platformers released every year. The current convention proposes the maximum to be an annual batch of 142 games.
  • GTA V will revolutionize open-world gaming again. Because branding.
  • Final Fantasy XV won’t have all the graphics, will have a great story.
  • During the meeting between the presidents of Capcom and EA, a historical agreement has been made. They both agreed that transforming cool horror games into expensive action shooters is dumb. And they won’t do it again.
  • Nintendo promised to release the next big Mario game on every next-gen platform including PC. Fans are outraged because they are worried about the financial results of such a bold move.

I think this is all for the grand news. I strongly doubt anyone got better ones anyway.

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4 Responses to News of the Day

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    I think Nintendo has quite a dilemma on their hands. Their latest console isn’t doing too well and they need something to kickstart their quarter. I can only say the Wii is such a phenomenal gaming platform that Nintendo has yet to match the excitement it caused with it first released, even though it was technologically inferior to the PS3 when released (personal opinion). I hope they get the mojo back!

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