I’m Tobe Cooper and I’m interested in Popular Culture and various assorted strangeness.
I write here about PC games or older console games. Most probably, I will dabble in a lot of indie stuff, but I enjoy the lavish triple-A titles too.

Comics are my second popcultural love of life, but I don’t read as many of them as I used to. Though I still firmly believe that they are awesome. And I know a thing or two about the finest ones

On a more personal note, I’ve got MAs and BAs. I glare at them sometimes, but we’re friends. I’ve once arm-wrestled Mike Tyson and won. I’ve been to McDonalds once and didn’t like it. I’ve been to Azeroth and enjoyed their regional music. Also, I’ve worked for Third Echelon and Sarif Industries and saved the world countless of times.

Here’s my email address for various stuff which preferably isn’t spiced ham :
tobecooper [at] gmail.com

I’m on twitter too (@tobe_cooper) which I hope to start using more frequently (one day twitter! one day!).

And I even dabble in random postings on tumblr:

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