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News of the Day

After PAX East and GDC there have been a ton of news flying around through the Internet, electrifying the blogosphere and twitting on Twitter. As a nice person with good intentions, I have accumulated all of the information in one … Continue reading

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Musical Dystopia – All the Drama You Need in One Post and Two Chapters!

This is in response to WordPress’ Weekly Writing Challenge, titled Dystopia! (The Musical). I couldn’t sit this one out – it tickled my funny bone too much. And the end result is a fat simplistic musical that would require a … Continue reading

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Guns Drawn – Trailer for Warren Ellis’ Gun Machine

Here is the link. [I attempted embedding it, but MTV’s video player seems to dislike my wordpress theme. I don’t really like MTV’s player, so I feel it’s appropriate.] When Warren Ellis left comics for the greener pastures of Hollywood … Continue reading

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2013 Resolution!

It’s 2013! Happy New Year! Even to you spambots! My New Year’s Resolution is to post more often. I would fail in daily blogging, but a post every four days? Yes! That I can do! It’s absolutely manageable. Possibly.

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6 Great Tips to Writing an Awesome Obituary for Yourself

[Text is inspired by today’s Daily Prompt: In Loving Memory. “Write your own obituary.” My take on that might be deeply distasteful and might not treat death with enough respect. Therefore, it should not be read by human beings.] You’re … Continue reading

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How A Chosen One Should Conduct Himself As To Gain Renown

The Mythical Chosen Ones. You meet them through your whole life all the time. These guys are everywhere. They serve as the simplest and yet most effective storytelling device. It refers to the feeling of individual exception that we so … Continue reading

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Sigmund (and Shaun) of the Dead

Some heavy spoilers ahead. I don’t think they’ll ruin the movie, but I feel better giving a warning. The film is great so you should watch it anyway! It was Halloween some time ago, and on that spooky day, I … Continue reading

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