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News of the Day

After PAX East and GDC there have been a ton of news flying around through the Internet, electrifying the blogosphere and twitting on Twitter. As a nice person with good intentions, I have accumulated all of the information in one … Continue reading

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Musical Dystopia – All the Drama You Need in One Post and Two Chapters!

This is in response to WordPress’ Weekly Writing Challenge, titled Dystopia! (The Musical). I couldn’t sit this one out – it tickled my funny bone too much. And the end result is a fat simplistic musical that would require a … Continue reading

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Guns Drawn – Trailer for Warren Ellis’ Gun Machine

Here is the link. [I attempted embedding it, but MTV’s video player seems to dislike my wordpress theme. I don’t really like MTV’s player, so I feel it’s appropriate.] When Warren Ellis left comics for the greener pastures of Hollywood … Continue reading

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