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It’s 2013! Happy New Year! Even to you spambots! My New Year’s Resolution is to post more often. I would fail in daily blogging, but a post every four days? Yes! That I can do! It’s absolutely manageable. Possibly.

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6 Great Tips to Writing an Awesome Obituary for Yourself

[Text is inspired by today’s Daily Prompt: In Loving Memory. “Write your own obituary.” My take on that might be deeply distasteful and might not treat death with enough respect. Therefore, it should not be read by human beings.] You’re … Continue reading

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How A Chosen One Should Conduct Himself As To Gain Renown

The Mythical Chosen Ones. You meet them through your whole life all the time. These guys are everywhere. They serve as the simplest and yet most effective storytelling device. It refers to the feeling of individual exception that we so … Continue reading

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