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Dreaming with the Marketing People – Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands

Last month there was an interview on Eurogamer with Ubisoft PR about their gameplay changes to the latest iteration of Splinter Cell. The argument presented there positioned that Splinter Cell could sell a lot better, and the high brass of … Continue reading

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Dakka Dakka and Tactical Arcade – Dawn of War II

I’ve been watching Star Trek: DS9 lately.  It’s such an interesting piece of Science Fiction, because it centers around an idea of peaceful coexistence – it’s all about inclusion and discussion – looking into the future with hope and understanding. … Continue reading

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Cover Taken, Robots Shot, Potential Wasted – Binary Domain

Blast the screws off the robots and relocate their metallic heads into the walls – that’s the bread and butter of Binary Domain. In the world of this third-person cover shooter, you are a gun-wielding executioner gloriously plowing through robotic … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Playing Peggle and I’m Only Slightly Ashamed of Myself.

It’s a casual game with colors, rainbows and quirky animals. In this way, it’s obviously an object of despise for any self-respecting PC player. So, I pouted, I gritted my teeth and wiggled in discomfort during the hours I spend … Continue reading

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Cooking with The Dark Messiah

Dark Messiah of Might & Magic is a 2004 first person fantasy game about crawling through dungeons, hacking and slashing, plus occasionally finding secrets. There’s some role playing in there too since the protagonist gets skill points in predefined moments … Continue reading

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News of the Day

After PAX East and GDC there have been a ton of news flying around through the Internet, electrifying the blogosphere and twitting on Twitter. As a nice person with good intentions, I have accumulated all of the information in one … Continue reading

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The Unauthorized Biography of Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon is a very simple game for iThings, Androids and PCs. Super Hexagon is about a triangle that mustn’t collide with shapes or it’s game over. Super Hexagon doesn’t have a narrative. Learning to control Super Hexagon takes two … Continue reading

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